Brain Bank/BONI

  1. Storage and Processing: - 80 degree refrigerator, nitrogen liquid, hanging balance, etc.
  2. Brain Removal (in collaboration with Department of Forensic)
  3. Immunostaining (in collaboration with Department of Pathology Anatomy)


Development of Aß and Tau Protein Staining in Brain Tissue


  1. Calculation of Aß and Tau Protein in CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid) and Brain Tissue
  2. Calculation of protein Vitamin D, BDNF, and other biomarkers for diagnostics regarding brain disease

Psychometric Test

Asses cognitive function using specific methods

Research Consultation

  1. Help researcher achieve their goals by providing expert advice in their field of proficiency
  2. Gather and analyze source materials, design research programs, perform in depth research, and create reports on their findings

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